is a project dedicated to global lock-down.

At these times, when communication around the world has shifted to the format of video conferences, in the small windows of the zoom interface you can see not only your interlocutors, but also the environment around them: the gap between the tiles, the thread caught on the curtain, a shower shed hidden away and still visible in the frame. Where does the intimate end and the public begin? A person becomes perceptible on the fringes of what surrounds them — because when you’re communicating with them, you’re in different places, not in the same as before. In this situation, the frame of the screen sets a different direction of view.

In Russian language there is a proverb: ‘A thread from the world makes a shirt for a naked’ (literally meaning ‘many a little makes a mickle’). The image of a thread uniting the faraway corners of the world became the basis of this project. It was conceived spontaneously and began with the first remote shooting in Andy’s home city and a thought that, apparently, everywhere in the world people face the same, and the idea of uniting people during the fight with the pandemic crystallised. There were no selection of heroes for the shooting — all those who responded and were interested, participated. As a result, 72 photoshoots were done under completely different technical conditions (which depended on what equipment the model owns): from a screenshot of a video call to smartphone with a 12 megapixel camera or even to remotely controlled professional digital camera. The project involved people whom Andy has known for many years, and those whom he encountered for the first time in his life. The project was not funded by any external means.
72 photoshoots
in 52 cities
and 34 countries

many a little
makes a mickle

photographed by Andy Go
curated by Sofia Dmitrieva
designed by holystick
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